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Final Fantasy X

Cheats for FFX-2

FAQ on Final Fantasy X-2
Walkthrough on how to get aeon treasures in ffx
Profiles of the characters!!
Cheats for FFX-2

Over here are cheats for Final Fantasy X-2, Enjoy!!!!!! 

Unlock extra ending:
First  you'll have to meet with Maechen at Guadosalam in Chapter 3. You'll find him when you meet up with Logos and Ormi in the same area. When your alone in the Farplane, move Yuna Yuna around and continually press the X button. You'll hear whistling. That means you have activated th event. Next thing you do is get an episode complete in Luca during Chapter 5. All you have to do there is visit the location where Tidus taught Yuna how to whistle. Next, get an episode complete in Besaid. Finally, once you have beat the game, keep tapping X button to get the ending.

 Healing Light Garment Grid:
Beat Leblanc, Ormi & Logos in the chateau in Guadosalam you will get the Grid.
Thunder Spawn garment grid:
Go to Luca. Look at the back of every dock until you find a treasure chest.
Stonehewn Garment Grid:
After defeating 2 She-goons on Mt. Gagazet & getting 2 uniforms you'll get it.
Unerring Path Garment Grid:
After getting your first Special dressphere you get Unerring Path Garment Grid.
Engima Plate Garment Grid:
Beat Beclem's high score (500 Points) in the Gunner's Gauntlet in Chapter 2 at Besaid Island. Beclem will give you the Engima Plate Garment Grid.
Find all the Ciphers:
1.  At the shrine where you pray in Final Fantasy X in Besaid Island.
2. Go to Besaid, the place with pillars, then climb on top of the first pillar to the right.
3.Enter the Besaid Beach, go left,keep on climbing where 2 kids are playing.
4.Go near the boats on the Beach. There is a ledge, climb up it, yet another Cipher.  
Ice Queen Garment Grid:
In Chapter 1,  after finding O'aka & letting him onto the airship he gives it to you.