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FAQ on Final Fantasy X-2
Walkthrough on how to get aeon treasures in ffx
Profiles of the characters!!
Cheats for FFX-2

This site is dedicated to Final Fantasy X & Final Fantasy X-2!!!
You can find your way around my site by looking to the left.There is the menu.ENJOY!

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Many people are stuck at parts of Final Fantasy X. You can get the cheats here! For other cheats for different games go to BEWARE!!! Cheatplanet is a good website you can get addicted!!!!!!!
FFX means Final Fantasy X & FFX-2 means Final fantasy X-2.ENJOY!!!!!!!

Over on my website you can find FAQ. If you do not know what it stands for:Frequantly Asked Questions. You can also copy and paste walkthroughs!!!!!

You can find many things useful.There are also Profiles on the characters of Final Fantasy X & Final Fantasy X-2!!!I hope you enjoy my site!!!