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Final Fantasy X

Walkthrough on how to get aeon treasures in ffx
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Walkthrough on how to get aeon treasures in ffx
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Here's some walkthroughs on how to get all the treasures in all the temples.Some of the temples i have not worked out yet but good luck in finding it yourself!!!
Valefores Temple:
Put the glyph sphere in the door,then the door will open. Take the glyph sphere OUT of the door then carry on going forwards.
Do the rest of the temple (you should know how) until you get up to the bit where a door opens and inside is a besaid sphere, put the besaid sphere  in the alter.Now get the glyph sphere and put it where you got the besaid sphere from.A destruction sphere should appear in a new chamber. Put the destruction sphere in the space on the wall  you dont need (go backwards to find the wall) .Voila!
Ixions treasure:
Complete the whole thing up to the bit where you make the platform that goes up.Dont go on the platform cross to the left.On the wall, where you see the thing on the floor which refreshes your alter,theres a glowing mark.Press X on the mark and a destruction sphere will appear.Get the destruction sphere then go on the platform WITH the destruction sphere.Do the rest until a alter appears.Put the destruction sphere in th alter then Voila!  
Shivas treasure:
Complete the whole thing and stop at the part when you build all the bridge. Go up the stairs leading away from the trials.It shows you in the clip when you complete the bridge a little mark on the floor trapped in ice unfreeze.Stand on the mark and a alter will appear in front of you.Push it down the stairs.Now when its reached the bottom a clip will happen and the alter gets stuck in the rock.Go back down next to the rock and stand on that other mark next to the rock.It will make the alter go down.Grab the Macalania sphere from the middle pole and put it in the far end sphere hole.This will make a ice crystal appear like in the beggining.Push the alter like in the beggining so it crashes in to the ice chrystal and it stops.Get the Macalania sphere from the far end out and put it in the bottom stairs sphere hole.Push the alter at the stairs then it will fall down.Go down with it and take the destruction sphere out of the alter.Put it in the sphere hole which you did'nt use next to the glyph sphere hole and Voila!! Now you need to fix it because you are one less macalania sphere.Repeat the same procedure but instead you have a Macalania sphere.You can work out the rest yourself because I'M NOT BOTHERED!!!!!!!! 

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